Our Environment

First off, I'm not writing this with any disrespect towards people, businesses, or governments who are too narrow-sighted to realize their effect on our planet. I'm writing this to open a discussion on a very important topic to myself, a photographer of the natural world.

Throughout my life I've had the amazing opportunity to see many places many of them beautiful and nearly untouched by civilization. I find these places to be awe-inspiring and the reason for much of my photography.

In recent years, I have become worried with the increased destruction of our natural places and overall harm done to our planet. There seems to be a complete disregard for the planet, either known or unknown, by many individuals like you or me, or to people in power in businesses and governments.

As a photographer, I'm seeing the subject matter I shoot changing for the worse and it's time to make a change.

Change doesn't need to be radical, but can be very simple using less energy (turn off your lights when you're not using them!), less hot water, walking more, or even changing your light bulb to a more energy efficient style (which saves a ridiculous amount of energy). My wife and I have taken this to heart and now drive a Volkswagen Jetta that runs on Biodiesel a simple change that is making a difference.

We had the opportunity to see Al Gore speak and give his slide show An Inconvenient Truth, and it was a huge eye-opener. I've had so many people say 'you should see the movie,' I was frankly getting annoyed and was starting to become turned off by the whole push, but they were right. The information and data provided is pretty unbiased, true and overwhelmingly point to global warming's grasp on earth. But it's not too late to give up, instead it is a time to act and make change for the better. It really can be as simple as a few small things.

Through my photography and through this business, I'm working to promote the preservation of the natural world I love and work directly with. Be assured that by supporting my photography you are indirectly supporting the preservation of our planet.

Thanks for listening,

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