About Me

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where coincidentally the vast majority of my photos are taken. In all honesty, this place is ridiculous. Itís beautiful beyond belief with mountains, oceans, forests, rainforests, wild animals, and a stunning skyline in Seattle.

My Story

So this all started in grade school while on a family trip to Hawaii. We were out hiking with some family friends and I asked if I could borrow my momís Canon film camera to take some snapshots. I ended up taking some photos that were reasonable by my early standards. My mom ended up framing a few of those photos and they hung on my bedroom walls for the following years.

Then came high school. I recalled my early interest in photography and decided to take the only photography course at my school. I learned a lot that semester, and began to enjoy the techniques and technicalities more and more. Over the next two years, more photography courses were offered and my passion for the subject grew.

These great opportunities in high school were not replicated in college. I moved to Seattle to go to the University of Washington, where photography was only available to art students. In my rebellion, I studied Business and put my love of photography on hold.

Then towards the end of school, I bought a digital camera (and yes, a lot of gear since then) on a whim and the whole joy of photography came flooding back. And here I am today.

My Website

The sad truth is that I do have a day job and that involves planning and building websites. The even sadder truth is that this site is commonly neglected. With that said, I do try to post photos as frequently as I have the opportunity to get out there and shoot. Thanks for visiting and seeing the world through my eyes.

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